Happy Visit

Happy Kids Dental

At Fresh, we believe that your child’s first dental experience should be a positive one.

We use this appointment to gain your child’s confidence and trust. The goal of the “Happy Visit” is to keep your child happy throughout the experience and share information with parents or guardians on how best to take care of primary teeth.
We feel that it is important for children to be seen by a dental hygienist at an early age to promote good oral health, prevent tooth decay, and connect your family with dentists, specialists or other healthcare professionals.

Preventive and periodontal treatment (teeth cleaning)

First Visit - “Fresh Start”

The appointment consists of a thorough oral health exam, with X-rays if needed, as well as dental hygiene treatment.

During this 1.5 hours visit, we utilize Sopro intra-oral camera and Velscope cancer screening device to create a baseline of your oral health, create a treatment plan and if needed propose referrals to other healthcare providers.
A subsequent dental hygiene visit may be needed if more scaling/root planing is required.

Recare visit - “Re-Fresh”

It’s usually a one hour maintenance visit for our returning clients. The protocol during a re-care appointment is not only to have your teeth cleaned, but to re-evaluate areas of concern that may have been detected at the previous appointment.

Preventive Treatment Teeth Cleaning
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Philips ZOOM teeth whitening

Zoom Machine
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Few of us are born with the perfect smile and even for the lucky ones that are, it can be hard to maintain it.

If you are self-conscious about your teeth or have a stained or discoloured dentition, a whitening procedure may be all you need to brighten your smile.

Professional in-office teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world today and there are a few methods of brightening one’s smile. At Fresh Dental Hygiene, we offer both in-office and take-home systems. ZOOM! ® WhiteSpeed is the only in-office system that has variable intensity settings so each treatment can be customized to maximize patient comfort. This procedure is safe, effective and clinically proven to whiten the teeth up to eight shades in just one visit.

The take-home whitening system offers a less expensive option of brightening your smile with comparable end results. Philips ZOOM! ® is the only professional system with ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) that delivers enamel protection, reduces sensitivity and helps improve luster. Whitening with ACP means stronger teeth, greater comfort and better results.

Click here to learn more about which Philips ZOOM products are right for you.

Digital radiography

Dental x-rays are important not just for detecting cavities but also for evaluating the health of bone and supporting tissues.

At Fresh, we use digital x-rays which emit over 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays and can be easily forwarded to other dental professionals.

Digital X Ray

Oral cancer screening


Historically, the death rate associated with oral cancer is particularly high, not because it is hard to discover or diagnose, but due to the late discovery of the cancer development.
Although approximately 55% of oral cancer patients survive more than 5 years post-diagnosis, early detection can increase survival rates up to 90%.
Fresh uses Velscope technology for soft tissue cancer screening, a procedure that makes it possible to identify changes below the surface up to four years before they become clinically visible. Click here to learn more about oral cancer.

Laser gum treatment

At Fresh we use Picasso Lite soft tissue diode laser.
Laser use in dentistry has many benefits. As an adjunt to scaling and root planing procedures, its light helps decontaminate pockets, decrease the number of periodontal pathogens and increase post-treatment healing. The laser light is effective in eliminating dark-pigmented bacteria, which is the primary bacteria we are trying to eliminate in periodontal disease.
In addition, lasers are used in Aphthous ulcer treatment providing patients with immediate pain relief and almost overnight healing as well as before pit and fissure sealants placement to facilitate the disinfection of grooves.

laser teeth treatment

Fresh collaborates with a network of dental professionals as well as other healthcare providers. In case you require a service or procedure outside the scope of dental hygiene practice, we provide a referral to meet your needs.

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